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The Trapped Daughter (A Dark and Twisted Psychological Thriller) by Jay Kerk

A page-turner…

Almost nothing is as it initially seems in Kerk’s latest psychological thriller, a twisting tale of love and madness. Belle is a prisoner in her father’s house, forcefully drugged and kept on high doses of psychiatric medication, and is struggling to get in touch with Gabe, the famous star who stole her creative ideas and betrayed her. As the days pass and Belle’s struggles to keep herself sane fail, it becomes clear that things are not as they seem on surface. The first-person narrative provides depth to Belle’s story, and Kerk does a skilled job of folding in layers of Belle’s troubled past and her relation with her father. Though Belle’s visions and recollections of her life with Gabe at times become repetitious, it’s her descent into madness that drives the plot. The countless plot twists keep the story moving fast, and the shocking revelations bring various plot threads together, intensifying suspense. Kerk’s stylish prose, fully realized characters, and serpentine storyline make this book an electrifying read. 

The Trapped Daughter

A Dark and Twisted Psychological Thriller

By Jay Kerk

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