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The Door Into Whimsy by H.F. Clarke

A stunner …

An inquisitive young hero, an endearing cast of mythical creatures, and a wholly original fantasy land feature in Clarke’s charming modern-day fairy tale. When city starts to expand, Tyler Wordsmith’s charming childhood home Bramble begins acting spooky. Devastated over his best friend moving away, Tyler finds himself in his father’s library where a tussle with a thief over his father’s old maps sends him into a place called Whimsey. A sly ogre; ugly trolls; and a grumpy ruckus who just wants to take a nap make for an endearing supporting cast, while Tyler with his curiosity and courage easily win readers’ hearts. Clarke’s writing gives the story the sweetly exotic flavor of a traditional fairytale, and the overarching themes of friendship, courage, and importance of words win the day here. The lavish, personality-laden, full color illustrations are an absolute treat to eyes. This finely written, wholly imaginative fantasy romp should have easy appeal for both elementary and middle grade readers.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

The Door Into Whimsy

By H.F. Clarke

Western Gate Books

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Pub date may 3, 2020

ASIN B0882TM415

Price $3.39 (USD) Kindle edition, $20.43 Paperback

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