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Yancy Yellowhammer by Alexandra Smith

A riveting adventure filled with surprises…

Endearing from the get-go, this charming tale takes young readers on an adventurous quest. When Yancy Yellowhammer receives a letter from his best friend, Wendy Wren, inviting him to join her on a treasure hunt, he doesn’t think twice. The friends embark on a fun hunt across the beautiful Berryville valley and come across several clues while making new friends. But to find the treasure, they need to put their knowledge and wit to test. Smith splashes the friends’ exciting quest with enough bits of mystery and fun to hold young readers’ attention, and her ingenuous, rhyming dialogue beautifully supplements the narrative. The vivid, bold colored illustrations perfectly match the story’s exploratory mood. Young readers will revel in seeing the duo embarked on a treasure hunt and root for them throughout. A warm story about making new friends and virtue of patience, this book should easily find place on young children’s bedside bookshelf.    

Yancy Yellowhammer

By Alexandra Smith

Ages 3-8

Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd

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Pub date

ISBN 9781788783774

Price $4.51 (USD) Kindle edition, $3.96 Paperback, $16.68 Hardcover

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