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His Name is Grace by H. G. Davis

A fast-paced, suspense-filled story…

It’s been seventeen years since Lorraine and John Steads lost their little girl Alison to a violent murder. But the grief still weighs heavy on their minds. When Mat, one of their boys, dies suddenly while on a hunting trip, John and Lorraine are beside themselves with grief. After police declare Mat’s death a homicide, Erik, their other son, becomes the main suspect. The situation gets worst after Erik becomes a fugitive. The couple must deal with people’s ridicule and their own turmoil. The novel beautifully explores relevant themes of family, blood ties, second chances, faith, perseverance, determination, courage, and survival. The characters are well fleshed out, and their interpersonal dynamic is rooted in reality. John and his family’s arcs embody a reflective journey: a morally gray cloud surrounds them as they struggle with their inner turmoil and moral dilemmas. The mystery at the center of the novel is complex, woven seamlessly into the story. Tight editing will do wonders for this novel which is equal parts mystery and human drama. 

His Name is Grace

They all had their life shattering secrets…

H. G. Davis

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Pub date October 15, 2022

ISBN 9 79-8887228389

Price $8.99 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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