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Create Destruction: A Novel in Verse by Ryan A. Kovacs

Beautifully told, chilling, poignant, and hauntingly dark.

Young Thomas has always known he is special: he has parapsychic powers. When the sinister Doctor Larson, a maniacal scientist, asks for Thomas’s help in changing humanity’s fate, Thomas immediately says yes. Using a “thought terminating process,” Larson employs trigger words that catalyze Thomas’s abilities to do impossible tasks. As Thomas’s powers grow, he begins to lose control over his own self. With Doctor Larson determined to use Thomas for his own ulterior motives, the young boy must decide what he himself wants. Kovacs’s post WWII landscape is bolstered by vivid, detailed descriptions and poignant free verse. Thomas desperately wants to prove his worth, trying to stay strong in the face of extreme hardships whereas Doctor Larson is power-hungry, manipulative, and self-serving. The fast-paced narrative zips along with crisp prose and vivid SF elements, culminating in a devastating, shocking ending. Thomas’s story will linger in readers’ minds long after they turn the last page.

Create Destruction: A Novel in Verse 

Ryan A. Kovacs

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  1. I love novels in verse and my favourite stye to write

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