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Daisy’s Adventures in Love by Nikki Sitch

An engrosisng rom-com perfect for long summer days…

Witty prose, richly imagined characters, and fast-moving narrative mark Sitch’s latest offering, a celebration of family, friendship, and unexpected love. Daisy is finally content; Brad is all she wants in his man: he is caring, sensitive, mature, and shares Daisy’s love for the active lifestyle. As their bond becomes stronger, they begin to venture out as a family unit. But with the kids in their teen years, problems seem to be sprouting out of nowhere. The couple must deal with kids’ individual problems with utmost precaution or risk losing their trust. The stakes rise when David, Daisy’s ex from her online dating world, shows up unexpectedly. Sitch’s prose is crisp, her smoothly paced narrative enjoyable, and the storyline intriguing. The story follows Daisy and Brad through dinner dates, passionate sexual encounters, and cozy family gatherings as they march steadily toward building a solid family unit. As they come closer, family conflicts also slowly rise to the surface, such as Kari’s struggle with her sexual identity and adolescent drama, Sara’s difficult nature.  Sitch’s expert characterization allows readers to immediately connect with Daisy and Brad’s predicaments, and as they grow closer, she aptly shows their often-winding path to oneness and genuine happiness. Laughter is abundant, thanks to Daisy’s quirky nature and her constant inner monologue. Sitch also tackles complex, relevant subjects of LGBTQ issues, single parenting, identity, singlehood, acceptance, and understanding while exploring true love, friendship, lust, and passion. Readers who like lighthearted rom-coms will be satisfied by this engrossing novel.

Daisy’s Adventures in Love

Nikki Sitch

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