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Running Down A Dream: The making of a film by Paul Gorman

Nostalgic and reverential, beautifully written and rich in emotion…

Filmmaker Gorman’s latest, a story about the making of his 2014 award winning documentary film Ride The Sky, is a celebration of friendship, courage, and self-discovery. Eight years before pioneering skydiver Joan Carson died in a tragic accident, her friend Gorman had a vivid dream about the former’s death. He warned Joan, but she lived for skydiving. Decades passed after Joan died, but the dream of her death kept on haunting Gorman. Trying to make sense of his dream, Gorman decided to make a documentary film based on Joan’s nomadic life from the time of her death in 1981 back to her childhood. As he begins to look into Joan’s past, he unravels a painful secret. Gorman carefully explores Joan’s private life, which was marked by danger, passion, and intrigue: a dare-devil at heart, Joan was both vulnerable and highly resilient; she took exceptional pains to follow her passion of skydiving and living life on her own terms, spending the last years of her life away in the wilderness in a cult-like band of skydivers addicted to the “adrenaline rush” of living on the edge and jumping out of airplanes. Filled with poignant emotion, deep losses, and rich epiphanies, the narrative not only delves into the importance of memory and the timeless nature of a person’s spirit but also what it means to be alive. Set against the backdrop of skydiving, the book makes for a gripping chronicle of a daredevil’s journey in which she lived her life to the fullest. Lovers of poignant biographies are sure to appreciate the book, and those interested in skydiving will also find the volume highly appealing.

Running Down A Dream: The making of a film

Paul Gorman

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Rain City Cinema LLC

Pub date May 25, 2020

ISBN 978-0578693378

Price $14.95 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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