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Good Night, Good Night, Victoria Beach by Rae St Clair Bridgman

A playful and fun exploration of the alphabet and the four seasons for the littlest learners…

Bridgman’s latest, a highly interactive, heavily conceptual picture book, teaches young readers the complete alphabet and the four seasons of the year. With rollicking verse full of familiar words, Bridgman builds excitement, allowing young readers to recite all the twenty-six letters of the alphabet. The rhyming text is beautifully constructed, framing all the scenes nicely. Almost all of the pages present interactive elements, all relating to jackrabbits (for the youngsters, there is plenty to spot, including the daring jackrabbits along with their woodpecker, frog, toad, vole, geese, fish, bear, dragonfly, robin, mosquito, ant, chipmunk, and hummingbird friends, as they romp through the four seasons). The illustrations feature vivid, eye-popping color pallets, with a variety of animals in different situations to add interest and present the scenes with crystal clarity. This lively, fun book will keep readers turning the pages and asking for it again and again.

Good Night, Good Night, Victoria Beach

Rae St Clair Bridgman

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Pub date April 13, 2022

ISBN 978-1039132702

Price $29.99 (USD) Hardcover, $17.99 Paperback, $3.98 Kindle edition

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