Behind the Locked Door by David Herstle Jones

behind the locked doors

A deeply satisfying tale…
Dedicated to his older brother, who died of a fast-moving cancer as a young man, David’s magical and sweeping tale focuses on a young attorney’s remarkable journey of fulfillment as he gains insights into the true way of living and places his faith in the immortality of true love. It’s 1970. Eric Martin, a young attorney, opts to get a holistic treatment combined with Laetrile in Mexico after being diagnosed with terminal cancer instead of staying in America where the drug is illegal. Getting the highly aggressive, ineffective chemotherapy, which at most can give him a couple more years to live, is not in Eric’s immediate plans. In Mexico, he finds fulfillment and learns to embrace life with an open heart. David’s superb novel is crowded with the strange and fantastical, the ordinary and extraordinary and explores the thin line that separates dreams from reality. The narrative goes far beyond the recounting of Eric’s remarkable journey of finding fulfillment: in telling the story of Eric, David not only captures the bigger meaning of life but also its succinct wisdom: there’s a difference between being alive and living life to its fullest. He deftly blends magical realism with elements of a crime drama and political intrigue. The book’s pacing is relatively smooth despite its length, and David does justice to his vast array of characters, bringing the most minor characters vividly to life: Eric’s underlying vulnerability is on full display but he never comes out as melancholic or hopeless. David not only captures Eric’s fortitude and determination but also the astounding way he stays grounded in reality despite the circumstances. A gallery of secondary characters, pivotal to the plot, is infused into the narrative simultaneously: Itandehui, Frieze, Nelson, Penalt, Ana Luisa, Father Jordan are among many others who will stay at readers’ minds long after they finish the book. The spirit world adds to the intrigue of the story, and despite its heavy presence in the narrative, the novel comes out as more of a tale of literary fiction than a hard-boiled magical realism story. The denouement is shocking — something that readers wouldn’t see coming and wish for it to be different, but it doesn’t take away the profound effect the novel makes as a tightly focused yet equally satisfying tale of love and intrigue. Lovers of literary fiction and magical realism will be equally rewarded.

Behind the Locked Door

by David Herstle Jones

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Think in the Morning

Pub date December 31, 2019

ISBN 9780578589558

Price $18.95 (USD) Paperback, $7.57 Kindle edition

Categories: Fiction

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