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The Secrets by Jane Adams

the secrets


An enjoyable police procedural…

At the heart of this darkly themed police procedural lie bitterness, hatred; fear, trauma; and child abuse. Detective Inspector Mike Croft is working through a convicted pedophile Fletcher’s upcoming appeal. Fletcher previously claimed to have information about a pedophile ring involving influential people. Eric Pearson, Fletcher’s acquaintance who never got convicted, is living a disgraceful life with his family. But Pearson wants to settle the scores now. He has proofs, and he is determined to get heard this time. After the body of a teen boy is discovered, it’s up to Croft to solve the case. There are few plot holes that raise questions: why in the first place Fletcher got convicted if he had incriminating evidence in his possession; the Pearson family suffered hatred and shunning from society but never faced a real danger considering Eric Pearson had Fletcher’s implicating journal. This absorbing tale, in which long-lasting effects of childhood abuse are raised, also raises questions about mob-mentality on several levels. Adams’ narrative is smooth and the characterization superb. A well-crafted tale that will appeal to mystery buffs.


The Secrets

by Jane Adams

Joffe Books

Pub Date 12 Apr 2019

ISBN 9781789310962

PRICE $8.99 (USD)

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