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An Unexpected Father by George Fillis

A poignant, evocative and, engaging read…

Engrossing and elegant, Fillis’ second installment in the Collingwood Series explores relationships, endurance, desires, and means of survival. Winson and Caitlin are man and wife now, much to the dismay of the latter’s father. The pain of separation from his family weighs heavy on Winson’s mind, but his bond with Julian gives him strength. When a tragedy strikes, Winson becomes Julian’s most trusting aid, but there are people who despise his Chinese roots, and with Tak and Dung back, his dream of having a normal life becomes a distant possibility. Fillis skillfully captures the pain of loss and the resiliency of the human spirit, and his crisp prose keeps readers turning pages fast. Winson’s relationship with Julian, his bond with Kai, his apprehensions about being an immigrant and acceptance, and Caitlin’s unwavering trust in him are all beautifully portrayed. This fascinating coming-of-age journey, focusing on the strength of family and friendship, forgiveness, redemption, integrity, racism, and issues of immigration, will appeal to a wide readership. Fans of historical fiction will be enthralled.

An Unexpected Father: second novel in the Collingwood Series

By George Fillis

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Bluerock7, LLC

Pub date February 11, 2021


Price $5.98 (USD0 Kindle edition, $14.98 Paperback

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