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Caroline And Mordecai The Gand: A Fantasy Novella by Jeff Gunhus

Whimsical, compelling… A poignant page-turner.

The USA TODAY bestselling Gunhus explores universal themes of death, grief, healing, and enduring grace of family and friendship in his latest. It’s been a year since Caroline lost her father to a car accident. The life is sad, conversations with family are meaningless, and friendship has lost its charm. On the anniversary of her father’s death, a strange window opens in the middle of the small lake behind her house, and Caroline accidently lands herself in a strange world. With the path to her home lost, Caroline has no option but to take help from Mordecai the Gand, a mysterious traveler who is fighting his own demons. Caroline’s story is profoundly sad, and yet hopeful, magical, and yet rooted in reality. There is magic, mystery, and daring adventure. The Talib village with its tribe keen on eating travelers, the scary witch, the sinister Creach all add to the danger galore. This bittersweet quest of an unlikely pair of travelers serves as a moving testament to courage, loyalty, caring, and hope. Middle graders will devour this one.

Caroline And Mordecai The Gand

A Fantasy Novella

By Jeff Gunhus

Seven Guns Press

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Pub date March 31, 2021


Price $3.99 (USD) Kindle edition

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