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A Rift That Lies Between Us: A Novel by Nasiha Muna

A tender and compelling YA romance…

Muna debuts with a poignant portrait of two young people separated by religion and culture. The lovely Farisa, a Bangladeshi Muslim art student, finds herself paired with the charming Caiden, a recovering Christian, in the University of the Southern States Florida for a class project. Despite her initial apprehensions, she forms a tender bond with Caiden. They go their separate ways after graduation, but stay on each other’s mind. Years later, an unexpected text brings them back together, but the fate has other plans. Farisa and Caiden’s opposites-attract chemistry is palpable from the beginning, and their tender bond is etched with skill and precision. Farisa, an artist at heart, sees the world through a colorful, complicated lens, and the turmoil rolling around her as she tries to navigate the intricacies of her life is thoroughly captivating. Muna skillfully sketches Farisa’s conventional background while sensitively portraying her struggles with her parents’ impossible expectations. Readers will find themselves wishing this won’t end.

Note: this title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

A Rift That Lies Between Us: A Novel

By Nasiha Muna

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