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Pigeon-Blood Red (3 book series) by Ed Duncan

A transfixing and highly readable series…

Duncan’s electric action thriller trilogy features an endearing antihero, abundant action, and nonstop thrills. In the sharply realized series launcher, an ordinary job of retrieving his boss, Frank Litvak’s priceless pigeon-blood red ruby necklace becomes a deadly hunt for the underworld enforcer Richard “Rico” Sanders when the man who stole the necklace leaves the city. As Rico sets on to trail his target, an unexpected incident puts him in a moral dilemma where he has to pick between fulfilling his professional commitment and moral duty. Rico Sanders returns in the second book in the series as a carjacking incident throws a young teen in his path. When Sandra, a teenager girl, witnesses a carjacking gone bad, she becomes the target of a crime boss. Rico is assigned to take the girl out, but he has no desire to kill a child, and besides he wants to settle his own scores with his long-time nemesis, John D’Angelo. Rico’s attempt at trying to protect a young kid gets him in a dangerous altercation that ends up with three people dead and Rico in hospital fighting for his life in the final installment in the series. With the bad guys on his tail, Rico must take Paul’s help or risk losing the lives of those he cares for. Duncan is skillful at inventing entirely convincing and intricate situations for his leads, and his ingenious spin on a regular action thriller makes him an expert in the field. The emotional quotient of the narrative is as convincing as the masterfully crafted action scenes. Duncan matches a series of engrossing high-action tense situations with a sympathetic, flawed lead. Complex plots unfold around Rico as his increasingly conflicted relationship with both jean and Paul makes him realize that he can’t rely on his own self always. It’s Rico, who with his self-styled form of justice and unwritten code of ethics shines through and through but other characters are equally convincing. Written with verve and expertise, the books have as much heart as action. The characters’ backstories are skillfully integrated, and the growing bond between Rico and Jean is full of heart and emotions. With prose that moves from stark simplicity to profound emotional intensity, Duncan has created a believable crime world where mobsters are thoroughly humane and true friendships endure. This is a deeply entertaining, swiftly paced series for both fans of urban noir and action thrillers.

Pigeon-Blood Red (3 book series)

By Ed Duncan

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Pigeon-Blood Red: Pigeon-Blood Red Book 1

Price $3.02 (USD) Kindle edition, $38.99 Hardcover, $10.99 Paperback

The Last Straw: Pigeon-Blood Red Book 2

Price $3.01 (USD) Kindle edition, $39.29 Hardcover, $10.99 Paperback

Rico Stays: Pigeon-Blood Red Book 3

Price $3.01 (USD) Kindle edition, $26.90 Hardcover, $8.99 Paperback

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