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White Swan Wishes by Wes Snowden

A poignant examination of the intricacies of love…

A tale of love, loss, and pain, Snowden’s latest is ripe with both emotional vulnerability and authenticity.  When 17-year-old Michael Grayson, the son of a New England scallop fishermen, met the lovely Signet Bergeron, the daughter of an enigmatic diplomat, it was love at first sight. But the couple separated soon after, owing to Signet’s deadly family secret. Separated for ages, they never lose their feelings for each other. While it skirts sentimentality by a hairbreadth, Snowden’s expert depiction of Mike and Signet’s young love and their traumas and trials as they shuffle through life makes it a moving, deeply engaging read. Snowden beautifully evokes the legend of white swan, bestowing the story with an almost magical aura. The characters are full-bodied and carefully drawn, and the atmospheric setting of New England and Buenos Aires, Argentina adds to the intrigue. Through Santino’s story, Snowden addresses grim issues of LGBT hate crimes in Argentina. Lovers of finely constructed romance won’t want to miss this one.

White Swan Wishes

By Wes Snowden

Corvent Creative

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Pub date November 5, 2019


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