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Auntie, I Don’t Want You To Get Married: Danielle The Girl From New York by Clarence Coggins

auntie I dont want you to marry

Thoroughly engrossing, stunningly plotted…

Coggins’s first in the Danielle The Girl From New York series traces the insecurities and fears of Danielle, a little girl from New York City who travels to Georgetown Guyana to visit family. The New Yorker Little Danielle has never been to Georgetown Guyana, and her stay there is filled with endless adventures. But the approaching wedding of her auntie Julia is weighing heavy on Danielle’s conscience. She asks auntie Julia to not marry, but is hesitant to answer auntie’s question of “why not?” Auntie Julia asks again and again.  At last, the adorable Danielle succumbs to her Auntie’s probes, revealing the innocent reason behind her fears (that’s when the sensitive, young readers will plead a sigh of relief at Danielle’s gullible revelation). Coggins hooks her audience quickly with the simple storyline and deft plot twists. Danielle’s innocent fears and auntie Julia’s maternal demeanor are both fun and playful. Coggins invites reader participation in Danielle’s fun adventures through auntie Julia’s flashbacks, leaving young readers to dream about their own past adventures. The pretty illustrations efficiently convey countless, recognizable amusing emotions through tiny shifts in facial movements of the protagonists: from the agony of trying to put words to one’s fears to experience the exhilarations of going on adventures with family is achieved with ease. Coggins’s diverse cast of protagonists and intriguing storyline portray a young child’s inner dilemma, making it an ideal pick for multicultural readers. The enthusiastic young readers will likely plead to read this again.


Auntie, I Don’t Want You To Get Married

Danielle The Girl From New York

By Clarence Coggins

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Pub date July 31, 2020


Price $2.95 (USD) Kindle edition, $21.00 Paperback

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  1. This is an excellent book. I read it and loved the entire concept and ending.

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