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West of Sin by Wesley S. Lewis

west of sin


Fast-paced and engrossing…

Lewis combines the neon glamour and seedy underbelly of Las Vegas to mark his debut in crime genre. Devastated by her would-be-lover’s infidelity, Jennifer Williams leaves her hotel in Las Vegas to get away from all the stress and finds herself disrupting an ongoing robbery in a small-town truck stop. The situation escalates with a mysterious stranger (Mat Crocker) stepping in to protect Jennifer. The things become dangerous after the mob links are established, and Jennifer and Mat find themselves on run to escape the Russian mafia. The combination of neon glamour and seedy underbelly of the Sin City gives the story a hard-boiled feel, and though Lewis’s gallant hero, the resourceful heroine, sleazy antagonists, and appealing side characters are highly cliched, they are sketched skillfully. A horde of shocking twists keep the tension high. Lovers of hard-boiled crime thrillers will be pleased.



West of Sin

By Wesley S. Lewis

Red Granite Press LLC

Pub date February 4, 2020

ISBN 9781734015713


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