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Marmotte’s Journey by mari reiza

marmotte's journey

A poignant meditation on finding one’s own voice…

A coming-of-age story, Reiza’s fantastic latest chronicles the journey of a young woman struggling to find her own identity. Unable to put herself first, Marmotte’s life is marked by consistent disregard from others. With an uncaring family, distant fiancé, and trying work situation, Marmotte’s restlessness is drowning her in acute misery, but a work assignment from her boss forces her to change her perspective about things and herself. Reiza’s assured writing vividly retraces Marmotte’s coming of age, making her misery and inner turmoil palpable to the reader. The central conflict: Marmotte’s inability to take a stand for herself, is skillfully executed. Reiza uses Marmotte’s interactions with other characters to explore underlying identity crisis, while also delivering an absorbing life drama. Her storytelling has a lyrical, vague quality to it, and her prose shines, especially in Marmotte’s introspective scenes. The lovers of literary fiction will be rewarded.

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Marmotte’s Journey

by mari reiza

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Pub date December 2, 2016


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