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Tales of the Starmen: Volume 1 by Nathan Burton

Tales of the Starmen Volume 1

Thoroughly entertaining… a page turner!

In his action-packed debut, Burton imagines the world in a far-future where all the planets in the universe are governed by a single powerful empire. The Solarium Empire has ruled the universe for centuries under the rule of The Zion, the powerful warrior. Sensing the arrival of his twilight years, Zion sends for his younger son Helion from Earth. Ruthless and cold Eckron, the military leader and Zion’s older son, is wary of Helion’s newfound presence in his father’s life, but the rebellion from people of planet Chegonia forces him to forget his grudge and join hands with Helion. Will the brothers be able to stop the threat before the time runs out? Through crisp prose, Burton completely immerses the reader into his characters’ lives: through Helion’s perspective who is trying to adjust in his new role, Burton reveals the intriguing details of the far-future community, and by bestowing his characters’ personas with human vulnerabilities and passions, he transforms this thrilling dystopian story into a thoughtful reflection of power and oppression. The narrative is swift, the plot tightly constructed, and the brothers, powerful and intuitive, have enough substance to sustain a long series. The combination of action and adventure with science fiction, well-drawn scenes of space action and surprising revelations make it a strong start for what promises to be a highly enjoyable series. Fast-paced and original, Burton succeeds in crafting a thoroughly absorbing dystopian read. The lovers of fast-paced, action-packed dystopian will be highly rewarded.


Tales of the Starmen: Volume 1

By Nathan Burton

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Pub date December 17, 2019


Price $2.36 (USD) Kindle edition, $5.25 Paperback


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