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The Collection: a poetic exploration of friendship, love, fantasies & the soulmate by Jacqueline Belle


A graceful, elegiac contemplation of life…

In her second collection of poems which feels familiar, yet honest and original, Belle creates an exhilarating matrix of love, friendship, and life. “My Heart Lay Open” examine the susceptibility that comes with loving and trusting someone with all your heart. “In the Dark” is a genuinely moving consideration of a poet’s vulnerability as they lay their soul bare to the world through their writing. In “Love Can Be,” Belle vividly and memorably renders the complexities of love as she writes: “Love can be… /gentle and subtle; /dry leaves rolling slowly along the /ground in the breeze. /or ferocious and rough; /a tooth baring deer in rut.” While love may be a subtext to the poems in the collection, they are, in fact, a searing celebration of life’s precious moments (“Balance,” a musing about finding balance, the inspirational “The Tree” and the stirring “Go Forth”). The poems will stay in the minds of readers long after they finish the book.

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The Collection

A poetic exploration of friendship, love, fantasies & the soulmate

By Jacqueline Belle

Pub date March 6, 2020

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