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The Price of Safety by Michael C. Bland

Price of safety


An intelligent, mind-bending sci-fi thriller…

Driven by cutting-edge science and pulse-pounding action, Bland’s debut tells the story of Dray who would go to any length to protect his family. It is 2047. No crime goes unpunished in America: the government regulated surveillance system can track anyone by tailing the mandatory tech implants in people’s brain and computerized lenses in their eye. The punishment for a capital offence is death. There is one thing that Dray Quintero, co-owner of a leading tech firm, believes in strongly: always respect the law. But when his nineteen-year-old daughter Raven accidently commits a heinous crime, Dray finds himself up against the law as he tries to cover up for his daughter. After federal officials get involved, Dray has no choice but to turn to a terrorist group for help. However, dismantling the near-perfect society that he helped to create is something he never thought he would consider doing. Bland effortlessly blends anticipation of a fast-paced thriller, sophisticated techno details of a science fiction novel, and emotional quotient of a well-crafted story into a complex and engrossing plot. Bland’s assured, confident prose is highly accessible despite loads of technical mumbo-jumbo and quantum physics minutiae. The action is plenty; unexpected twists are introduced nonstop throughout the narrative; and the thorough research adds depth and credibility to the advanced technology described in the story. With its nail-biting action, highly imaginative premise, and expert characterization, the book makes for a complete entertainer package. Sci-fi thriller fans will find it compulsively readable.


The Price of Safety

by Michael C. Bland

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World Castle Publishing

Pub date April 6, 2020

ISBN 9781950890798

Price $23.05 (USD) Paperback, $4.91 Kindle edition



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