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A Day in the Life by Andrew Masseurs

A stark and captivating dystopian tale…

A man discovers he may be the only human to have survived a catastrophic event in Masseurs’ debut novel. Michael wakes up to find himself in a world where everyone has vanished without a trace. He grapples with the shock of not only losing his family, but also contending with a strange new environment that is dangerous and swarming with voracious animals. He quickly comes to realize that being the sole living human necessitates a great deal of endurance. The narrative starts off as more of a realistic drama, but gradually the science fiction elements come into play with strange creatures and reports of missing people being seen again. Masseurs’ writing tumbles from the pages with a rapid pace, making plenty of room for the protagonist’s psychological trauma to sink in. Michael wanders around, taking in the oddities, sorrows, occasional glimpses of his wife as well as fearsome predatory creatures. Though his initial obliviousness sounds improbable (Michael is almost certainly the least perceptive person alive, as he doesn’t think twice about that it’s weirdly empty in a holiday town on a Sunday.), Masseurs creates a world that, as bizarre as it may be, is still recognizable. The characters he presents share resilience and determination to help traverse the menacing new world. Despite its slender size (86 pages), the book effortlessly delves into deeper themes, such as loneliness, isolation, survival, grief, and the strength of human spirit in the face of calamity. An imaginative, gripping story of loneliness, endurance, and perseverance. 

A Day in the Life

Andrew Masseurs

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Austin Macauley

Pub date November 10, 2023

ISBN 978-1398495531

Price $8.95 (USD) Paperback, $9.18 Audible

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