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The 36 Watchers Series by Dan Bar Hava

Gripping, intense, and wildly twisty…

Hava’s exhilarating series reveals an exclusive secret society that is the last line of defense for humanity against great evil. The opening installment follows Jenna Berg, a young New Yorker enjoying her career and independence until she unwillingly becomes part of an ancient organization dedicated to protecting humanity from extinction. By Book II, Jenna’s Watcher skills and knowledge have grown exponentially. She embarks on a mission to uncover the hidden truths about secretive Swiss banking practices, the true origin of Kabbalah, and who actually designated Israel as holy land.  In this page-turning series, everyone is at risk of falling into the Circle’s clutches, no matter how careful they are. The supernatural realm may be recognizable, but the terror that suppresses this world, especially the Watchers, is overpowering. Told in third-person omniscient narration and alternating between various places and timelines, the narrative focuses on Jenna’s journey as she comes to terms with her new identity. Her struggles with loneliness, her friendship with Steph, and her endearing bond with Josh are portrayed beautifully. Hava delivers a fresh take on a popular genre, weaving in relatable topics like grief, trauma, loneliness, and anxiety while adding depth to the thrilling supernatural storyline. The character-driven plot brims with high action, interesting coincidences, horrifying images, hidden societies with the power to shape the course of history, and a dash of human drama. The story is packed with Jewish mysticism leading to new interpretations of modern-day events, such as 9/11. The pacing lags at times, hammering the flow of the narrative: Inattentive readers might sometimes get lost in the complex plotting, but this is a genuinely immersive supernatural thriller that will satisfy a large number of readers. A must-read.

The 36 Watchers Series

Dan Bar Hava

The 36 Watchers: Book I: Fall

Price $23.07 (USD)Hardcover), $7.16 Paperback, $4.50 Kindle edition

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The 36 Watchers: Book II: Spring

Price $13,95 Paperback

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Publisher Austin Macauley Publishers LLC

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