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The Lost Family Robinson by Alan Priest

Intriguing, well-written; a clever and amusing romp through time.

This highly enjoyable novel by Priest is replete with nonstop action, specks of theoretical science, relentless tension, and realistic family squabbling. The Robinson family of four brothers – Fred, Ernie, Jack and Will – and their wives and children are sucked into Nevada’s mining and gambling past after astrophysicist Fred’s time travel experiment goes awry. To make it home, they must settle their feuds quickly, as a rebellious Council member is out to take away their time tech. If he succeeds, the Robinsons may be doomed to an eternity in the past! Priest’s colorful cast delights while the unique character arcs add depth to the enjoyable story. Readers will feel the Robinsons triumphs and tragedies as if in real time. The addition of a stubborn adversary from the Vatican is cleverly done. Each chapter unveils another aspect of the deep-reaching puzzle, gradually drawing to a satisfactory climax in which the entire family unites to find a resolution. Part action-thriller, part family drama, part time travel, all good fun.

The Lost Family Robinson

Alan Priest

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Pub date November 22, 2023

ISBN 979-8985711332

Price $29.95 (USD0 Hardcover, $9.95 Kindle edition

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