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The MENtal Fight Of Your Life by Freddie Floyd Jr.

Slender, to-the-point, and utterly compelling…

Award winning author Floyd Jr. shares Biblical philosophy for a happy marriage in his compelling latest book. What does it mean to have a great relationship? According to Floyd Jr., it means having a high level of respect on the part of both partners. “There are some simple steps one can take to make sure the disrespectful habituated patterns are replaced with more responsible ways of relating,” he writes. The ultimate aim is to have a relationship that is healthy in the sense that it allows for both partners to form a bond that lets them not only grow together but also grow independently as people. The book’s overall attitude regarding the importance of fairness and respect as a way to find happiness in marriage rings true. Chapters discuss familiar topics such as what does it mean to really love your wife and being faithful and consistent in your dealings, understanding what men really need, having dating standards, the things to consider before you say I do among others. The book concludes with the significance of holding on to one’s own independence. Throughout, Floyd Jr. refers often to common Biblical teachings, relating these to everyday experiences and offering helpful insights that aim to bring about the desired changes in one’s mindset. Exceptionally insightful.

The MENtal Fight Of Your Life
Freddie Floyd Jr

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Covenant Books
Pub date May 23, 2023
ISBN 979-8886444018
Price $13.95 (USD) Paperback, $8.99 Kindle edition

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