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The Dog Stays: And Other Stories by Marjan Sierhuis

Lighthearted yet profound; a beautiful collection.

Sierhuis’s debut, a collection of short stories, delves into happiness and pain, joy and grief, and life and death. There is a vast cast, including humans, animals, and otherworldly beings, united by longing and desire: they are grieving parents, couples drifting apart, husbands and wives struggling to come to terms with the loss of their other halves; they are children caring for their aging parents and medieval warriors ready for altercations. “Marigold” is a delightful tale of a charming goat who loves to communicate with children. “An Itchy Nose,” is a sarcastic take on pandemic quarantine. A couple tries to recreate a vacation atmosphere at home in “Home Sweet Home” after COVID lockdown upsets their vacation plans. “Santa’s Got Mail,” “ Rudolph,” and “Ho Ho Ho!” are strictly about Christmas whereas “Happy Halloween,” “A Head Start” bring to life the somber tone of Halloween. A debut author spends ten-years writing her book and realizes her difficulties have just begun in “The Writer.”. In “The Note,” a husband suddenly realizes the extent of distance between him and his wife. A grieving husband finds his dead wife’s last note and breaks down in “The Box.”. In “Just Like You,” a woman reminisces about her life-long crush. The collection ends with “The Dog Stays,” a delightful tale about a wife asking for divorce from her husband. While the stories are super short, mostly a paragraph-long, the plots are deviously simple and easy to grasp, making the book a fast-paced, lighthearted read. Sierhuis writes with a keen understanding and an eye for detail, deftly capturing both the mundane and the sublime. A definite winner.

The Dog Stays: And Other Stories
Marjan Sierhuis

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Pub date February 21, 2023
ISBN 978-1771806138
Price $12.99 (USD) Paperback

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