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Adaptively Radiant by Joseph E. Henning

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Intriguing and fascinating…

Adaptively Radiant chronicles exotic voyage of two young cousins across islands in Japan, Hawaii, and West Coast of America after they stumble upon a mysterious pouch containing nine stones of significant importance. As they move ahead in their journey, the cousins uncover shocking revelations and realize that there’s much more at stake than it seems on the surface. Henning expertly depicts the traditional folklore of Japan and Hawaii against a contemporary backdrop but the best of all is his rich portrayal of the Japanese and Hawaiian settings and exploration of the misty Morro Bay in California. The prose is simple, and the inclusion of supernatural elements add extra intrigue to mythical tales of traditional Japanese and Hawaiian culture. This intriguing look at the Japanese voyage with a dash of sci-fi and fantasy elements will enthrall readers.


Adaptively Radiant

by Joseph E. Henning

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PUB DATE May 28, 2019

ISBN 9781733061728

PRICE $12.99 (USD)



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