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The Indivisible and the Void (Age of Axion #1) by D.M. Wozniak

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A seamless, assured, and rich fantasy that is as absorbing as it’s intriguing…

In this enthralling series opener from Wozniak, the Master Voider Democryos leaves the comfort of his royal adobe after his wife leaves him for a mysterious stranger. Under the rule of the corrupt ruler King Andrej X, voiders and effulgents find it hard to see eye to eye because of the former’s faith in reason and the latter’s blind worshiping of an unknown supreme power. But circumstances bring the Master Voider Dem and the Effulgent Blythe together. Accompanied by unexpected allies on the way, they embark on a horrendous journey and unravel shocking secrets that have the power to threaten existence of the whole realm. The ingenuity of Wozniak’s dazzling series opener lies both in its intriguing premise with a stunning imaginary world and its precise execution. The narrative is fluid, and as the story moves forward, Wozniak skillfully establishes numerous plot details and relationships between his different complex characters. Whereas Dem and Blythe contemplate higher wisdom, the loyal and tough Colu provides brute strength, and the lovely Chimeline brings a pleasant relief for readers. The engrossing story keeps the reader invested until the explosive final showdown in the last few pages. Gripping and heartening, this impressive epic fantasy will appeal equally to unseasoned readers and hard-core aficionados of fantasy and leave them waiting eagerly for the second installment. Fantasy buffs would be wise to get this one for their keeper shelf.


The Indivisible and the Void (Age of Axion #1)

by D.M. Wozniak

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PUB DATE January 19, 2019

ISBN 978-0578447155

PRICE $19.99


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