LION TAMER Book One: How It All Turned Out by Therese Marie Duncan

A deeply involving and consistently moving story of overcoming trauma…

Duncan tells her story straight from the heart in her debut installment in the Lion Tamer series. Born as the sixth of ten children, in the Pacific Northwest, in Seattle, Washington, into a Catholic family, Marie (the author) along with her siblings lived through riotous fun and mortal dread, owing to their generally fun-loving father’s violent mood swings. He made the kids laugh, taught them to think for themselves, and sang opera while making pancakes. But there were unprovoked episodes and he would explode unexpectedly. By the time Marie turned twelve, she found her father had begun to fondle her breasts every time they hugged. He did that to six of Marie’s seven sisters as well. It was decades later, when the siblings got together and decided to confront their father at a therapist’s office. Duncan is a natural writer, and the charm of her book lies in her evocative, relatable writing, which shows the complex emotions and confusion of a woman struggling to come to terms with her traumatic past. Throughout, she reflects about how the long-lasting abuse affected her mentally and emotionally, tearing at her self-esteem and making her vulnerable to fall repeatedly in emotionally destructive relationships. Her failed first marriage, her inability to get out of her abusive second marriage, plus other complexities, fill out the memoir with personality and candor. Evoking a conversational tone and told mainly from Marie’s first-person perspective with chapters following the past and the present, this engrossing, languidly paced story beautifully delves into childhood sexual abuse and exploitation while exploring family dynamics, marriage, and self care, and self-realization. A triumph.


How It All Turned Out

Therese Marie Duncan

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