On the Trail of the Mountains’ Mysteries (On the Trail) by Lynne Armstrong-Jones

Fast-paced, thrilling, and emotionally tense… A definite page-turner.

The practitioners of magic must safeguard the kingdom from the sinister dark forces dwelling in the Noble Mountains in Armstrong-Jones’s engrossing fourth installment in the On the Trail series. Veras, Creda, Xyron, and Giever are on another mission on the king’s order; they have to follow the old map through the Noble Mountains to ensure it’s accurate. Accompanying them are Ferren, Joul, Nico, and Aldred. But the seemingly straightforward mission becomes an eerie mystery after the group finds themselves face to face with a sinister dark force, residing in the mountains. The group must find a way to deal with the unfamiliar sorcery or risk letting the entire kingdom fall. Armstrong-Jones’s descriptions and immersive worldbuilding are beautifully detailed and enchanting, and her characterization is excellent: Xyron grapples with his feelings for Creda, who is trying to make sense of her newly developing ability. Joul is struggling to find a balance between his role as the leader of the excursion and his relentless inner turmoil. The book immerses readers in the captivating inner world of its characters and their complicated lives. All the usual elements of the fantasy genre are present, such as medieval setting, complex magical systems, fantastical races and creatures, sinister villains, and courageous heroes. But Armstrong-Jones takes the genre up a notch with her deft exploration of relevant, complex themes of family, friendship, loyalty, integrity, courage, and good versus evil. With its colorful, well-developed cast, fluid prose, and atmospheric setting, the novel makes for a compelling read. Readers will eagerly await the next one in the series.

On the Trail of the Mountains’ Mysteries

On the Trail

 Lynne Armstrong-Jones

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