The Reader’s Companion to the World of Jane Austen by Joe Giampaolo

A richly textured, intimate, and lively work that casts a well-deserved spotlight on the famed writer.

Combining a novelist’s eye for detail with meticulous research and prose, Giampaolo delivers the concise account of Jane Austen’s life, one of the greatest English novelists of all time. Drawing on every piece of voluminous research on the famed writer, Giampaolo offers a coherent view into Austen’s life and thoughts. Divided into two parts, the book probes Austen’s family relationships, friendships, home life, and financial status. He does an admirable job weaving in poignant information about Austen’s literary journey, including interesting facts about her famous novels and other lesser-known literary works. Readers will delight in Giampaolo’s insights into the socio-economic setting of the era. The accompanying illustration beautifully compliment the absorbing narrative. Balancing historical perspective, narrative consistency, and an eye for detail, Giampaolo has crafted a vividly detailed biography—fans of Austen’s work won’t want to miss this insightful portrait.

The Reader’s Companion to the World of Jane Austen

Joe Giampaolo

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Pub date January 15, 2023


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