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TRUST by Lee Chappel

A thoroughly absorbing mystery… clever, tightly plotted, and satisfying.

Chappel’s latest novel serves up buffet-size portions of endearing friendships, suspense, and impossible scenarios that keep the pages turning. When Beth Sullivan marries David Cheshon, Baltimore’s most eligible bachelor, there are not many who approve. But Beth is happy with David and settling beautifully into her new home. When an unfortunate event upturns Beth’s life, making her a suspect in a murder case, she knows she must find the real killer and clear her name. But the killer has just begun their sinister game. Chappel plays on complex themes of love, friendship, and the intricacies of marriage and relationships while exploring pain, grief, greed, integrity, and redemption. Readers will be captivated by the nuanced characterization and atmospheric setting, but what’s even more impressive is Chappel’s densely layered, intricately woven rendering of his protagonist’s struggle to find faith in the face of increasingly skeptical circumstances. The tension builds well, leading to an exhilarating and twisty finale. A mystery lover’s delight with plenty of small-town charm, shocking twists, and domestic intrigue.


Lee Chappel

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