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The Drop by John Anthony Miller

A page-turning historical thriller jam-packed with misdirection and relentless twists…

Revenge, kidnapping, conspiracy, and mob intrigue mark Miller’s latest historical thriller set in 1958s Havana. Born with a silver spoon, the lovely Ariana Rojas is left to struggle after a brutal dictator steals the family fortune. Determined to get what she lost, she joins the revolutionaries in their fight for freedom and becomes a part of the kidnapping plan of a wealthy American, Jimmy Foster. The plan is right on the track until Jimmy’s wife refuses to pay the ransom. Ariana must devise her own scheme if she wants to succeed in her endeavor. The narrative is swift, and Miller’s skill at developing the tension of the situation with precision make the pages fly. As Ariana sets out to take her revenge, Miller turns the latter’s adventure into a swiftly paced thriller, which is rife with kidnapping, danger, chases, daring escapades, and unexpected narrative turns. Mixed in with the action and tense narrative are tender and poignant scenes, including Ariana’s struggles to come to terms with her family’s tragic fate. Ariana’s stark realization that the so-called-revolutionaries may have their own ulterior motives in their fight for freedom adds a layer to the narrative. Miller beautifully depicts the intricacies of human relationships, and his treatment of the nineteenth century Havana’s turbulent socio-political scene is convincing. Throughout, he touches on relevant themes of freedom, oppression, humanity, integrity, love, friendship, trust, betrayal, and how a person copes or fails to cope when fate turns hard against them. This thrilling tale of revenge and shifting loyalties should win Miller plenty of fans.

The Drop

John Anthony Miller

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Touchpoint Press

Pub date June 14, 2022

ISBN 978-1956851182

Price $16.77 (USD) Paperback, $5.77 Kindle edition

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