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Where Does LuLu Go? Come Explore With LuLu & Her Magical Unicorn by D.P. Thompson

A great help for calming children at bedtime presented in a fun, entertaining way…Thorough fun!

A young girl astral travels to various magical realms in Thompson’s whimsy and entertaining debut chapter book. LuLu is not your average seven-year-old: she’s extra keen and extremely energetic and has a wonderful gift that makes her very special: when she goes to bed each night, she astral travels and explores other realms and planets, meeting new friends along the way. However, when she wakes up each morning to tell her mother, her mother thinks the memories are from her dreams. But when show-and-tell day comes in school, LuLu gets a chance to show her classmates how to astral travel to those magical lands. This is a gorgeous book to help children anxious to go to bed. Drawing on personal experiences, Thompson opens with LuLu’s keen awareness of other realms and Astral Traveling as a seven-year-old, and then goes on to show how certain breathing techniques can be used as a tool to help young children reach these realms and cope with anxiety and the fear of the unknown, especially at bedtime. The breathing exercises before each chapter are fun and calming, and LuLu’s wide exploring encourages parents to open their hearts and minds to the concept of Astral Traveling, teaching them the truth about the wider spiritual world and helping to improve communication between parents and children. Smiling children and various animals fill the foregrounds in the luminous and otherworldly scenes, echoing Thompson’s text’s happy tone, while conveying a world of infinite possibility and gentle enchantment. Poetic language, attractive illustrations, and positive messages about other realms, make for a wonderful teaching tool for readers young and old.

Where Does LuLu Go?

Come Explore With LuLu & Her Magical Unicorn

D.P. Thompson (Author), Ori Chalbaud (Illustrator)

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Pub date April 28, 2022

ISBN 978-1-03-912387-8

Price $25.99 (USD) Hardcover, $15.99 Paperback, $4.99 ebook

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