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The Plague: Judgement Day (The Apocalyptic Series Book 1) by Sean O’Neil

A surprising and thrilling apocalyptic tale…

O’Neal’s first installment in The Apocalyptic Series is a fast-paced and entertaining fusion of supernatural, sci-fi, and mainstream thriller. When Mike Polson, a husband and father of two, begins to have strange and violent dreams that feel too real to be ignored, he knows he has to see a doctor. But what begins as a medical checkup and treatment soon becomes a full-fledged nightmare as Mike gets stuck in an unusual clinic in a seedy part of the town. And he’s not the only one there. There are other people stuck there. With a mysterious illness spreading, the group must make their escape fast or risk losing their lives. O’Neil’s world feels full of turmoil and an unsettlingly looming danger that threatens to swallow the whole planet. The characters’ interactions as they try to make it out alive are realistic, and the chaos that ensues in the face of rapidly spreading mutation seem authentic. Explorations of familial ties, friendship, sacrifice, love, and duty are woven throughout the story. Mike’s decision in the face of his continuous struggle to choose between safety and be with his loved ones even if it means losing his life shows that humans trapped in the worst of situations will still fight to control their own destinies. There’s a sense of loss and desolation in the novel, but there are also poignant human interactions, meaningful connections, and a fight for survival. The story is most affecting when O’Neil writes about people losing their loved ones to death and devastation. A perfect blend of fast-paced twists, life-and-death situations, and a high-stakes survival story, the book makes for a page-turning read.

The Plague: Judgement Day (The Apocalyptic Series Book 1)

Sean O’Neil

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Pub date March 31, 2020

ISBN ‎ 979-8632796026

Price $13.95 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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