Demons: Judgement Day: The Apocalyptic Series #2 by Sean O’Neil

A fast-paced, entertaining, and thoroughly addictive read…

In a world where an apocalyptic event is just the beginning of the end of the world, a group of strangers are determined to stay alive. With their children ready to venture out in the world on their own, Edwin and Maureen are ready to work out on their dwindling marriage and book the Thanksgiving weekend off to spend in Las Vegas. But with California becoming the origin of an apocalyptic event, the couple soon find themselves trapped in the city. O’Neil shuffles his narrative between various characters’ points of view and the chaos and devastation that take over the whole of the state. The slow buildup of suspense and the use of classic apocalyptic elements contrast with lighthearted Sin City activities, re-bonding as a spouse, and a budding sense of solidarity. The book is fast-paced and full of twists, but the major appeal might be the interpersonal dynamic between Edvin, Maureen, and others, and to watch the lengths they go to in order to stay alive. The worldbuilding is a bit on the loose side, making for a two-dimensional read in places, but the scenes of the overall chaos and people’s attitude in its wake are rendered with sharp, evocative realism. Similarly, Edvin and various other characters’ doubts regarding religion, particularly the concept of the Revelations, are portrayed with authenticity. Discussions of sin, confession, faith, religion, regret, and redemption are subtle and realistic. The supernatural and apocalyptic elements are complemented nicely by the relentless action and adventure throughout, creating a page-turning narrative. O’Neil works a successful formula, with plenty of twists.

Demons: Judgement Day: The Apocalyptic Series #2

Sean O’Neil

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Pub date December 4, 2020

ISBN 979-8576255948

Price $13.95 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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