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Restoration by Sharon Mikeworth

A taut horror thriller marked by an air of otherworldly…

Mikeworth delivers an intrigue-laced horror thriller about a man trying to come to terms with his failed marriage finding himself in the middle of otherworldly intrigue. Trying to move over his wife’s deception, Cliff Phillips books a month-long stay at a cabin in an isolated campground in the Blue Ridge Mountains. But when strange happenings lead to a neighboring lodger fleeing and another one vanishing without a trace, Cliff knows something is not right at the place. Mikeworth’s writing is deft and believable, tensions are high, and the setting of the remote campground in the Blue Ridge Mountains is ominous. The profound and gradually building sense of dread throughout is heightened by a whisper of the otherworldly. Tension abounds, right up to a satisfying, heartening denouement. Throughout, Mikeworth offers keen observations on marriage, relationship, isolation, regret, and redemption. Ominous scares and eerie darkness make for a page-turning, thoroughly engrossing, and well-crafted horror thriller.


Sharon Mikeworth

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River Nation Publishing

Pub date September 27, 2021


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