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Risen (The Battle for Darracia #3) by Michael Phillip Cash

An emotionally charged and thematically profound conclusion to a fascinating series…

Cash’s final installment in The Battle for Darracia trilogy captivates with its ferocious action, poignant emotion, and atmospheric setting. With Prince V’sair captured and the ruling class left for dead, Darracia is on the verge of complete destruction. Defeated by darkness, even the elements have lost their magic. It is up to V’sair, Tulani, Reminda, and Zayden to find their inner strength and defeat the enemy. Cash skillfully blends SF’s and fantasy’s penchant for fictional jargon with his keen understanding of human psychology, delivering an unforgettable story of survival and power of inner strength. Themes of meaning of life, loyalty, friendship, trust, betrayal, compassion, and inclusion are tightly woven into an imaginative and thrilling whole, and there are strong reverberations of the present situation of our world, particularly the dangers of building walls between people. However, in V’sair and Zayden’s world, there is hope to put it all together, even if their path is filled with impossible dangers. Although hard space concepts and magical elements of fantasy fuel the storyline, the real power lies in the relentless tension, the nonstop plot twists, tension, and the extraordinary dynamic between V’sair and the people close to him. What follows is a winsome SF tale in which the individuals bound by blood and love navigate the dangerous waters of a terrifying universe in their search for restoring order to their home planet from sinister enemies. Readers may find themselves consuming this emotionally charged and action-packed conclusion to the series in a single sitting.


(The Battle for Darracia #3)

Michael Phillip Cash

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Pub date June 25, 2014

ISBN 978-1499242676

Price $16.99 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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