Sister Marguerite and the Captain by Mark Barie

An intriguing historical drama…

Inspired by the life of Antoine Pouline, a well-known historical figure in New France and the American revolutionary War, Barie’s latest interweaves history, romance, and intrigue of war and politics. Leaving her luxurious life as the daughter of a wealthy financier in Paris, Sister Marguerite is devoted to her faith now. When she boards a French vessel bound for Quebec City, she has no idea what awaits her ahead. Trying to protect Marguerite from a treacherous figure, Captain Antoine Dauphin, an officer in His Majesty’s army, finds himself falling for the lovely lady. But with the war ravaging the lands and a sinister enemy at Marguerite’s trail, the couple must prepare themselves for the worst. Will their love conquer all? Barie’s prose is simple which evokes not only the essence of the era but also the horrendous world of war and shadowy political machinations: the cleareyed portrait of the period’s vibrant and yet turbulent war culture brings the era to life. Barie uses the universal ideas of love and faith to delve into the story of a man and woman struggling with the incomprehensible force of fate. The romance between the pair is imbued with emotion and empathy. The pace picks up and tension rises after Marguerite’s backstory begins to unravel. There are plenty of heart wrenching moments, but tight plotting lays the groundwork for a satisfactory ending. Along the way, Barie examines grief, pain, trauma, compassion, memories, revenge, regret, redemption, and the divide between war and skepticism. Well-written, inspired, and steeped in violence and bravery, this finely crafted tale makes for a quick read.

Sister Marguerite and the Captain

By Mark Barie

Barringer Publishing/Schlesinger Advertising

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ISBN 978-1735252506

Pub date September 9, 2020

Price $14.95 (USD) Paperback, $7.92 Kindle edition

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