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Why The Prairies Book Review?

The Prairies Book Review provides first-rate editorial book reviews for authors.

In today’s competitive world of online book promotions, readers appreciate well-written editorial reviews. The editorial reviews are a must for large traditional book publishers as well as smaller publishers. It can be a struggle to attract attention of readers, especially for small publishing houses and independent authors.


“The Prairies Book Review covers a wide range of genres with insightful reviews. As a reader, I appreciate their help to uncover new books. From an author’s perspective, their attentive feedback and broad exposure helps to share my books with interested readers.” – Nancy O’Hare, author of Searching for Unique

“Fantastic reviews. Fast turn around times. Professional in every sense of the word. I wholeheartedly recommend Prairies Book Review.” – Shami Stovall, author of Dread Pirate Arcanist , Star Marque Rising, Knightmare Arcanist and The Ethereal Squadron: A Wartime Fantasy

“Honest reviews with reasonable turn around times. A great place to get an editorial review.” – Lloyd Free, author of Bittersweet

“Very good review service, and at reasonable costs. A pleasure to work with, highly recommended!” – Robert J Saniscalchi, author of My Life For Her

“Thank you for such a lovely review! It was a great pleasure to work with you. I’m delighted you enjoyed the book. As an indie writer, it is so important to get honest feedback and honest reviews. Thank you!” – Paullett Golden, author of The Earl and The Enchantress & The Duke and The Enchantress

“Great people, and they really seem keen on actually helping the indie author flourish and get their name out there. The reviews actually are written by someone who has really taken the time to read your novel and get to know your story.” – Khris Pfeifer, author of The Judge’s Demon (The Demons Inside Series)

“The Prairies Book Review provided all three of my books with thorough reviews, and did so ahead of their estimated delivery date. The staff is very communicative and helpful. I highly recommend their services.” – Karen Janowsky, author of Déjà Vu and The Persistence of Memory (The Series)

“As an indie author, I appreciate the excellent, thorough review that I received, the quick turnaround time, and responsiveness throughout the process. Great to work with and will definitely use again. Thank you! A String of Paper Suns ☀️☀️☀️”Bridget Siljander, author of A String of Paper Suns

“There are many review sites out there and this is one of the most respectful to indie authors. Thank you for the heart. Fingers and toes crossed for everyone’s success!” – Gloria Squitiro, author of May Cause Drowsiness and Blurred Vision: The Side Effects of Bravery (C’mon Funk Book Series Book 1)

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We receive a large number of submissions. Hence, we cannot guarantee that your book is going to be considered for the review. If you do not receive a link to the published review within 16-20 weeks after submission, that means we have decided to pass on your book.

To get a guaranteed review, please consider our paid review service. By purchasing The Prairies Book Review’s review, authors have this opportunity to get a guaranteed review within 7-30 days and build recognition in online world of book reviews.

We have three options under our paid review program:

  • With our Premium Review Option priced at $99.99, you can receive a quality book review (400 words, to see an example click here or here), any part of which can be used in the Editorial Reviews section of your book page on Amazon, other retail sites, on your website, and blog. They can also be used on the front and back cover of your book.
  • With our Regular Review Option priced at $69.99, you can receive a quality book review (250 words, to see an example click here or here any part of which can be used on the front and back cover of your book or anywhere else you want to use it; in the Editorial Reviews section of your book page on Amazon, other retail sites, on your website, and blog.
  • With our Short Review Option (To see an example click here or here) priced at $39.99, you can receive a quality book review (short, around 130-145 words), any part of which can be used on the front and back cover of your book or anywhere else you want to use it; in the Editorial Reviews section of your book page on Amazon, other retail sites, on your website, and blog.
  • Editorial Review Option for a Book Series (The detailed single review for full series:110-120 words for each book, to see an example, click here or here) published on in our magazine and also on our website, Facebook and Goodreads. (each books in series priced at $29.99 USD eg. for 3 book series, the author pays: 29.99×3=$89.99)
  • All the reviews will be published on our website, Facebook, Instagram, gooodreads and Twitter in addition to have a spot in our digital magazine.

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  • If the reviewer gives a book less than 4 stars, we will contact the author with the review to know if they want us to publish the review or not.
  • Please note: We do not post readers’ review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo or any other retail site. You can post our editorial review in the editorial section of your book’s amazon page, or metadata information of your book’s distribution page which will make it available on any other retail site: Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iBook, Google books, Walmart etc.

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An Editorial Review from The Prairies Book Review

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An Editorial Review from The Prairies Book Review

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An Editorial Review from The Prairies Book Review

130-145 words, short editorial review


An Editorial Review for the Book Series

The detailed single review for full series (110-120 words for each book, each books in series priced at $29.99 USD eg. for 3 book series, the author pays: 29.99×3=$89.99)



We accept pre-publication manuscripts, galleys, uncorrected proofs, ARCs for pre-publication editorial reviews as PDF or DOC files. We also accept MOBI, EPUB versions of published/unpublished books.

For online submission, email us a copy of your book at along with the front cover image of your book.

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Upon receipt of your book, we will assign your project to a qualified reviewer who will read your book and write a full review. You will be mailed a link to the published review on our website, Instagram, and our Facebook page once the review is done. In case of a less than favourable review, we will contact the author to see if they still want us to publish the review or not

Recent Testimonials:

“Excellent service. Very fast turnaround and a well-written review. The review also reflected an excellent grasp of the theme of the book.” – R. J. Hanson, author of Roland’s Path: (Heirs of Vanity #1)

“If you are looking for a thorough and thoughtful review, this is the place to go! Very professional and timely.” – B. B. Swann, author of Breaking the Barriers: A Breakin in the 80’s Novel

“Wonderful people to deal with. They responded quickly and provided a professional and thoughtful review. Very impressed!” – Kate Anderson-Bernier, author of A Gap in the Fence

“Great service, fast turnaround for a well-written and thoughtful review.” – Elizabeth Guizzetti, author of Honor among Vampires

“Exceptionally quick turn around for the review. Great service, highly recommend.” – Megan Musgrove , author of Taming her Stallion

“Very quick review, and I felt like they really got my book. They understood character motivations and back stories even more than some of my friends that have read it. They are great, and I will be coming back to them for every book I write from now on.” – Jack Knight, author of City of Magic (Dragon Fire Prophecy, #1)

Thanks for your wonderful and insightful review of Enchanted. Your review struck just the right note of what I hoped to express to readers.” – Larry J. Dunlap, author of Enchanted (Things We Lost in the Night #2)

“I’ve written several books, but this was the first time I’ve submitted my work to be professionally reviewed prior to publication. I was anxious. This book took me two years to complete and during that process, I lost my mother and my sister. Some days I wasn’t sure if I had enough brain cells to string coherent sentences together. To get a positive review back and so quickly, made the entire process worth it. I highly recommend The Prairies Book Review for thoughtful and timely reviews.” – Lisa N Alexander, author of What Million-Dollar Brands Know: Marketing & Branding Strategies for Today’s Entrepreneur

“I am impressed by the helpful communication & quick turnaround time that I experienced with The Prairies Book Review. It is a well run organization!!” – Kevin Purdy, author of The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol

“Professional and honest. I highly recommend The Prairies Book Review.” – D. C. Gilbert, author of Serpents Underfoot

“Excellent service! Wholeheartedly recommend” – Linh Le James, Author of #Toots
“As an indie author, it’s fabulous to have access to professional reviews to build discoverability. Prairies Book Review came back with an honest review in good time. The whole experience was really great.” – S. J. Hartland, author of The 19th Bladesman

” What an awesome review. I couldn’t have asked for anything better! The Prairies Book Review is a place self publishers should consider doing. For self publishing authors who need help in getting their books out, this is the place for honesty and support for your book. They never give up on anything. I will be using them again.” – Mary Ellen Campbell, author of The Yellow Cookie Jar

“Very gratifying! Thank you, The Prairies Book Review!” – Ted Myers, author of Fluffy’s Revolution

“Some real thought went into the review of DART – great feedback for a writer, and incentive for readers to take a look!” – Dale Renton, author of Dart

“I greatly appreciate your insightful review of my first work. It only makes the fact I’ve written a book and placed a creative work into the world even more real. Thank you!” – Khrys Vaughan, author of The Red Umbrella Society”

“I’m very pleased with my editorial review. Great for my sales page and for quotes and excerpts in promotions.” – Connie Lacy, author of The Going Back Portal

“Fast and professional service. Definitely recommended.” – Susan Shalev, author of Of Bitter Herbs and Sweet Confections

“An excellent review by a professional who took the time to thoroughly read my collection. Quick turnaround. I will use them again. Highly recommended.” – Richard Lutman, author of Creek Bait

I appreciated your accurate, compelling, and timely review of The Second Law.” – L. A. Starks, author of The Second Law

“Very quick and professional to work with.” Sid Stark, author of Campus Confidential (A Doctor Rowena Halley Novel, #1)

“Impressive detailed and professional assessment by a reviewer who was under no obligation to provide a positive review. Big Thanks.” – Dr. Winfried Sedhoff , author of The Friendship Key to Lasting Peace, United Communities, Strong Relationships, Equality, and a Better Job

“Very professional. I had a problem uploading my manuscript and they were patient with me. Very well-written and unbiased review. Straight to the point. I hope they will review my second installment.🖤” – Maureen Joseph, author of Twice the Demise

“I am very happy with The Prairies Book Review service. They were professional and timely, and the review they left showed that they understood the true value of the story told.” – Daniel V. Meier, Jr. , author of The Dung Beetles of Liberia: A Novel Based on True Events

“Fast turnaround and excellent book review. Thank you for being an advocate for indie books and providing exceptional service to the indie writer community.”–Scott Semegran, author of To Squeeze a Prairie Dog: An American Novel

“Loved working with The Prairies Book Review. Fast, efficient, professional, and the review itself was well-written and insightful, full of attention-getting quotes to hook readers at a glance. Highly recommend using their service!” – Billy Hanson, author of Spider Season

“Fast, professional service. The review was thoughtful and detailed and I would recommend this service to any author looking for honest feedback on their work.” – Nicole Brooks, author of Just Because We Can and Cake

“I would certainly recommend “The Prairies Book Review” to all authors and publishers who are looking to get professional and prompt reviews and feedback on their literary works. I also wish “The Prairies Book Review” all success.” – Lily Naghdi, Author of On Loving

“The Prairies Book Review is a quality publication that provides insightful reviews, and has inspired potential readers to want to read Moon Deeds. ” – Mythology Press & Palmer Pickering , publisher & author of Moon Deeds

“They were professional and timely in their review. I highly recommend them!” – Karla M. Jay, author of When We Were Brave

“I highly recommend PBR for their thoughtful and well-written reviews to any author looking for a book review. Their service was fast and thorough, and was shared across several forms of social media.” – Elaine Ewertz, author of The Devil You Know

TYSM PBR for your wonderful insights. Wholly appreciated! 5 stars to you!” – A. B. Funkhauser, author of Scooter Nation: Unapologetic Lives Series Book 2

“Thorough and honest reviews with quick delivery and easy to work with staff .”- Kayla Marie Ware, marketing and networking at Sara A. Noe, author of The Fallen Hero (Chronicles of Avilésor, War of the Realms #1)

“I loved the experience of having a professional review of my book. It was easy, thorough, entirely practical and certainly worth the effort.” – Myron Clifton, author of Her Legend Lives in You: The Untold Goddess Story

“The reviews are thorough, well-written, and focuses on the quality of the book’s plot and characterization effectively. I highly recommend this PBR for an honest, professional book review..” – Nina Hann, author of Relentless Alien Eyes

“Very thorough reviews, detailing all plots and subplots.” – John Anthony Miller, author of Honour the Dead

“This is a great publication. The reviews are thoughtful, intelligent and insightful. A pleasure to read.” – AP McGrath, author of A Burning in the Darkness

“They were unexpectedly fast! It’s so exciting to settle down for the long-haul only to find it was a very short-haul. They read and reviewed my book and had excellent communication through the whole process.” – M. A. Leon, author of Elemental Links

“They have a fast turn around and provide in depth, well-written reviews. I highly recommend!” – Brent Robins, author of The Perfect Culture

“Excellent review of my book. Very fast. If you need a quality, affordable, fast review. This is for you.” – Adam Levon Brown, author of Break: Poems on Mental Illness

“Fantastic review! Thank you!” – D. M. Wozniak, author of The Indivisible and the Void (Age of Axion #1)

“A reliable source for quality book reviews in a timely manner.” – Joseph E. Henning, author of Adaptively Radiant

“Wonderful review for my book. Thank you very much!” – Stephen Barnwell, author of Willoughby’s World of Wonder

“The reviewer captured the essence of my book, Never So Alone, and did so in a timely manner.” – Barry Finlay, author of Never So Alone: A Nathan Harris Thriller Novella

“Great staff to work with, very professional and quick. Highly recommended!” – Richard Doornink, author of 1967: a coming of age story