The Meticulous Unveiling: A Visit to a Mind by Elizabeth Buchmann

A riot of feeling and sensation… Stunning.

Buchmann’s gift for craft combined with her unique way of seeing and experiencing things make her debut collection of poems and pictures an engaging, stirring read. Divided into nine parts, the poems in the collection are composed of snippets of conversation combined with wisps of observations, inner musings, and reminiscences. Buchmann delves into pain, love, and happiness while exploring the healing powers of nature and the flaws inherent in city dwellers. “The City” documents weariness of pretense while enacting the beauty, grief, and anxiety of being alive today. “Anonymity at its Best” is constructed on similar lines, subtly conveying the whiplash of everyday life. “My Distance Awakens” shines with a wonderful mix of perception and reverence for self. “Music Prepares Us for the Silence” is a meditation on the healing powers of music. The vast sky makes an appearance in “The Wide Sky is Mine,” and is admired both for its beauty and its enormity: “That wide sky is mine/ while those who pass by/ never once say hello,/ their apparition/ without definition.” “Only the Nights are Real” offer an exhaustive and nostalgic view of pretense: “Disciplined selves laid to rest,/ detached from our shelved/ realm of reality,/ when the aching arches crumble/ into the abyss of inward feeling./ The nights, only they are real.”  “The Migrant’s Inward Journey” addresses immigrants’ experience while also dissecting the hopes, fears, doubts, and dreams that shape them. “Favourite Hours Spent Hidden” celebrates the inherent pull of the unknown. The accompanied colored photographs (taken in Australia, Germany, and Italy) are magnificent, allowing for perfect moments of wondrous realization. This work of abundant pleasures enchants. Lovers of inspiring, soulful poetry will be rewarded.

The Meticulous Unveiling: A Visit to a Mind

By Elizabeth Buchmann

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Pub date July 25, 2021

ISBN ‎978-3982307428

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