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The Joyous Adventures of Whizzojack by David Bush (Author), Jack Zarb Adami (Author)

A charming, intriguingly plotted superhero adventure…

In this engaging superhero adventure, David Bush and Jack Zarb Adami examine belongingness, courage, duty, and the idea of heroism through their eight-year-old endearing superhero’s superpowered adventures. Jacktown is a great city, and the people living there are nice except for their distrust and hostility that they show toward the immigrants. The young Whizzojack, with his superhero costume, sets out to help the unfortunate souls one by one. Will he be able to help them or make matters worse? The authors skillfully use the usual superhero tropes but do so without treading on overly familiar ground. With thirty-five colorful villains, each with their own individual stories, there’s plenty to enjoy. Along the way, the authors tackle some complex themes, including discrimination, hostility, immigrants’ struggles with identity and belongingness, duty, acceptance, mistakes, and second chances. The colorful, personality-laden art perfectly captures the characters’ moods while complimenting the storyline.  The memorable characters, accessible prose, and skillfully executed intricate yet accessible plot make this a fun romp.

The Joyous Adventures of Whizzojack

By David Bush (Author), Jack Zarb Adami (Author)

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Pub date July 31, 2021

ASIN B09514222J

Price $2.99 Kindle edition

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