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Raising Miss Ellie by Jim Hamilton




Hamilton’s vividly narrated story with elements of science-fiction and classic intrigue captures a fascinating way of country living… a must read.

The sweet and determined Miss Ellie’s daily routine of taking caring of her small farm is pleasantly interrupted by the arrival of Mig, a young runaway, whom she catches stealing eggs from her henhouse one night. She takes the boy under her wings. The more Miss Ellie gets to know Mig, more she becomes intrigued with his background. In this short, enthralling novella, Hamilton keeps an unrelenting grip on his readers through his rich, wholly engaging narrative, the original concept, and a sophisticated tight plotting. With a shade of suspense at the back, the story moves forward at a fast rate. A book both informative and engrossing. Highly recommended!


Raising Miss Ellie

by Jim Hamilton

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PUB DATE January 21, 2019

ISBN 9781794534575

PRICE $7.95 (USD)


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