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Vestiges (Faith, Freedom, and Posterity Series #1) by Peggy Ann Shumway

Gripping, meticulously researched, and twisty… A page-turner.

Fast-paced action, archeological intrigue, and intricate conspiracies sweep through Shumway’s engrossing debut installment in the Faith, Freedom, and Posterity Series. An ancient relic promises to change the face of Christianity, but the artifact goes missing. It is up to the Awaited One to find antiquity and share the unfathomable message with the world. When Oneida Graham, an anthropology professor, is called to her hometown of Hopewell, she’s astonished to learn she is the Awaited One. With Lance Graham, an archeologist and her long-separated cousin of sorts, on her side, Oneida begins to look for clues to locate the relic. But with the weight of fulfilling the ancient prophecy falling on her shoulders, she soon becomes the target of dangerous forces who would go to any length to stop her from acquiring the relic. The pair must tread carefully or risk losing their lives. Oneida and Lance’s search for the truth takes the reader back and forth to Newago, Michigan, Paint Creek, Ohio, and Washington, D.C. Balancing the fact with the fiction, Shumway carefully probes love, passion, family, relationships, sacrifice, duty, and religion. The intricately constructed world is packed with the Native American archaeological history and culture, inventive folklore, and intricate political and individual machinations. The history of the conspiratorial archaeological finds, including the Michigan relics and the Hopewell and Adena civilizations, the old-world cultures that built over 200,000 earthworks throughout the United States and into Mexico and Canada, is teased out through diary entries and the characters’ interpersonal conversations. Shumway positions extremely likable characters, particularly the sharp and yet sensitive Oneida, who is more than willing to embrace her Native American roots and the sympathetic, charming Lance, who is frustrated by his own family’s role in the whole mystery. The pair’s underlying chemistry is endearing, and their interpersonal dynamic etched in reality. The steadfast, enigmatic Askuwheteau doesn’t get much space in the story but leaves a lasting impression nonetheless. So does the cautious, tough-as-nails Winona. The antagonists are thoroughly despicable, particularly Lila, with her enduring hate and deeply rooted convictions. The satisfying, heartening ending will make readers eager for the next installment. The glossary at the end is informative. Shumway’s sympathetic characters, perfectly-tuned Native American culture references, and expert examination of love, familial ties, individual struggles, and lust for greed and power keep the pages turning. This inspired tale is as engrossing as it is thought-provoking.


(Faith, Freedom, and Posterity Series #1)

By Peggy Ann Shumway

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Pub date November 28, 2020

ISBN 978-1736087015

Price $14.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.23 Kindle edition

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