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The Silent Giraffe by George Strouthous (Author), Ekaterina Akulshina (Illustrator)

Winsome, enigmatic, and an absolute joy to read…

Strouthous explores friendship, unity, and celebration of self in this fun, sweetly moving tale that tells the story of a giraffe who longs to be like others. Life is good for the giraffe on the Serengeti plains, but the lack of its own sound is something that weighs heavy on its mind. The more the giraffe looks at others, including the leopard, the eagle, and the little mouse, the more it becomes distressed. But the wise mouse has something important to tell that will change the giraffe’s thinking about its shortcomings. Strouthous portrays the giraffe’s anguish over its lack of sound with skill and perception, and Ekaterina Akulshina’s expressive illustrations are pleasant to the eyes, beautifully emphasizing the adorable protagonist’s varying emotions. This charming, poignant tale helps teach friendship, understanding, and self-acceptance while simultaneously buoying those pained by their shortcomings. The end notes provide interesting facts about giraffes and other animals. The book should easily make it to the school and public libraries’ book shelves.

The Silent Giraffe

By George Strouthous (Author), Ekaterina Akulshina (Illustrator)

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Pub date April 25, 2021

ISBN 979-8739758729

Price $12.17 (USD) Paperback, $5.62 Kindle edition

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