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Stones and Glass Houses by Gary Friedman

Emotionally profound and nuanced… A tenderly observed rollercoaster of relationship intrigue.

In this almost flawless tale set in Western New York by Friedman, one man’s choices turn five different people’s lives upside down. Annie and Mary Beth have struggled with loneliness and lingering depression all their lives but nothing prepared them for the shock after a tragic incident brings them face to face with a harsh truth that stayed hidden for almost three decades. Struggling with the aftermath of the shocking realization, the women must pick the pieces of their broken lives and put them together once again. Friedman focuses on the raw feelings of his characters, who remain broken, owing to their relentless inner turmoil. Mary Beth is a meticulously developed, sympathetic character, and readers will find it impossible not to root for her. Annie, Dylan, Adam, and Will are equally compelling. Despite his obvious faults, readers will find it easy to connect with Jesse as he takes a dry-eyed look at his own infidelity, the choices he made, and his fears and insecurities while trying to attain some kind of understanding for his actions and striving for closure. Friedman skillfully blends his characters’ personal dramas with poignant emotions and individual insights. The result is a book made of equal parts emotions and considerable forethought. Readers will eagerly immerse themselves in this tender mix of raw emotion, high suspense, and relationship intrigue. This is a novel that fans of both literary fiction and women’s fiction won’t want to miss.

Stones and Glass Houses

By Gary Friedman

The Zebra Ink

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Pub date November 12, 2020

ISBN 978-0999047798

Price $19.99 (USD) Paperback, $8.28 Kindle edition

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