Sergeant’s Lady (3-Book Series) by Judith Fabris

Evocative… A remarkable story of love, loss, and resilience.

Fabris takes readers on a poignant journey of love, sacrifice, and survival in this tantalizing 3-part historical series. The series kicker, Sergeant’s Lady, covers a vast time period, between 1800s to 1950 throughout Europe and the United States and sees the lovely Maud Driscoll, a Boston debutante, ending up pregnant after a clandestine love affair in Paris. With the baby’s father dead, Maud has no option but to relinquish the child at birth. As years pass, Maud finds worldwide fame through her paintings, but her personal life stays on a shaky ground. Will she ever find happiness? Continuation of Sergeant’s Lady, The Driscoll Museum, follows the lives of Maud’s granddaughters. Penny Wells, granddaughter of Maud and the curator and museum director, is devastated when one of Maud’s paintings goes missing a few days before exhibition at the prestigious Jeu de Paume, in Paris. Penny must locate the painting or risk losing her reputation in the art circles. The third installment sees Aislynn Sheperd, the grandniece of Earnest Webber, overwhelmed to receive a vast inheritance from her granduncle. She must visit East Berlin to comprehend the true value of her inheritance. Meanwhile, Bill Tennant, Penny’s ages-old nemesis is out of jail and he has nothing but revenge on his mind. While hosting a gala at the museum Penny is attacked brutally. Will she be able to survive the brutal attack? Moud is thoroughly endearing as Fabris shades her with unconventionality, passion, and unmistakable loneliness. The determined and driven Penny is equally convincing, and readers will witness her gradual maturing as the story unfolds. The supporting characters are dynamic and multifaceted, with their complexities rendered beautifully. What makes the series enthralling are the details Fabris offers about the social customs of the era, especially, the sexism and bigotry the women had to face (being an unmarried young woman, Maud is forced to abandon her child after giving birth). The books’ structure, which includes personal letters and multiple perspectives and timelines beautifully carries the intergenerational story forward while heightening suspense and deepening characterization. The conflicts at the heart of each book are sketched with skill, and the deft way Fabris weaves together each separate story strand, results in a work of authenticity and beauty. The pacing stays swift, the surprises are plenty, and the series conclusion packs an emotional wallop. This deep exploration of love, loss, grief, trauma, trust and betrayal, perseverance, familial bonds, and friendship makes for a page-turner.

Sergeant’s Lady (3-Book Series)

By Judith Fabris

Vegas Publisher, LLC

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Sergeant’s Lady: Book 1

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The Missing Driscoll: Book 2

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Alternate Consequences: Book 3

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