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Chicken Feathers by Stephanie Cameron (Author), Scott Dubar (Illustrator)

A delightful story of acceptance and understanding… A page-turner.

In this fun, insightful latest by Cameron, wearing a stylish new winter coat becomes a source of heartache for Lissy, the second grader in Oak Forest Elementary in San Antonio, Texas. Lissy is a fashionista with a thrill for rescuing lost dogs. With winter in full swing, she’s excited to get her new winter coat. Shopping takes time, but she finds her dream coat. However, the new buy soon loses its shine after a disturbing incident in school leaves her angry and hurt. Lissy is back to wearing her ragged purple hoody. When she finds a runaway dog, she immediately falls in love with it, unaware that her new rescue’s owner is her old nemesis. Will she hold herself together at the dog delivery? Lissy possesses an amazing amount of personality, and it’s difficult not to be charmed by the little fashionista. Little girls will find Lissy both likable and relatable, and young boys will spot a kindred spirit in her. Lola doesn’t get much space in the story but leaves an impression with her sweetness and warm personality. Lissy’s parents are fun, and Trip, with its doggy antics, is a total hoot. Cameron has a knack for getting the details of everyday elementary school life right (school-related drama constitutes a good portion of the narrative, from Jett calling names to Lissy becoming a hero in her schoolmates’ eyes), and her keen familial observations set the book apart: she fleshes out Lissy’s endearing friendship with Lola and her loving relationship with her parents with skill and precision. The interplay between her diverse cast is thoroughly fun and realistic. The scenes showing Trip’s interactions with Lissy, Jett, and others represent warm, fun moments of droll humor, reminding young pet lovers of what they love best about their pooches: their selfless devotion, persistence, dedication, and the seemingly endless love. Geared toward young readers, the vocabulary and the writing style are clear, with just the right number of difficult words and phrases to help improve vocabulary. Dialogue is sharp and often witty and will keep readers in stitches. Interwoven throughout the narrative, Scott Dubar’s cheerful grayscale cartoon-style illustrations not only capture Lissy’s childhood curiosity and love of fashionable clothes but also add layers of emotion, wit, and lightness to the narrative. Cameron etches her characters with precise, keen insight, convincingly portraying the transformative power of forgiveness, acceptance, understanding, and community while advising compassion and self-restraint. Perfect for early readers, this is a winner. Fans of Junie B. Jones will want to take a look.

Chicken Feathers

By Stephanie Cameron (Author), Scott Dubar (Illustrator)


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Ages 6-8 years

Pub date September 22, 2020

ISBN 978-1950169313

Price $10.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.09 Kindle edition

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