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DELOS: The White Tree by Blake Miller

A rugged, gripping adventure…

Miller’s gripping debut immerses readers in an unfamiliar but enthralling world. It is almost sixteenth birthday for Cynthia Summers and Kaden Krossway, the impossible twins, with one of them Black and another White, when they step into another world, much larger and more secretive than their own, after a mysterious source calls them for help. As the twins set off to tend to the cry of help, their horrendous journey throws them in the path of treacherous situations and sinister monsters. But little do they know their journey will bring them face to face with long-buried secrets from their own past. With its well-developed, gritty fantasy world and fascinating storyline, this decisively dark tale is both gripping and enthralling, gaining resonance through the many lessons, the twins learn along the way.  The premise is original, prose lyrical, and the storyline enthralling. There is death, chaos, heartbreak, deadly encounters, battles for survival, evil villains, courageous heroes, and magic. The loyalties are tested, devastating betrayals break hearts, and enduring friendships are formed. The novel has both the charm and intensity of a fairy tale, but at the core, it is a story of fight between good versus evil, taking chances, overcoming difficulties, and respecting nature. Endearing and memorable, Cynthia, Kaden, and Alec are thoroughly convincing characters. While the story stays intriguing and the character’s interpersonal dynamics are engaging, the length of the book may test some readers’ patience, with the drama getting overheated at times. This is not a regular YA fantasy, but it still deserves a place on speculative lovers’ book shelves.

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The White Tree

By Blake Miller

Hierophant Press

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Pub date December 20, 2020


Price $6.03 (USD) Kindle edition, $16.99 Paperback

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