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The Immortal Serpent (Bloodstone Dagger #1) by K.E. Barron

Swiftly paced quest tale of adventure and heroism…

Barron’s exhilarating series kicker in the Bloodstone Dagger series features marvelously detailed fantasy world, a dubious group of heroes, and malevolent villains. Born as a fae’ren, Jeth is merely drifting through life as a soldier when an unfortunate situation makes him forsake his job and join a band of thieves. Soon his path collides with Vidya, a troubled Harpy seeking to avenge her mother from the infamous Overlord of Herran, and Jeth’s life turns upside down. Barron devotes considerable attention to developing her characters, manifesting how they’re affected and shaped by the events of their past, particularly Jeth, who is trying to come to terms with his traumatic earlier life while navigating the issues of identity, self-doubts, trust, love, and integrity, cuts a memorable figure. The plot is layered and executed with conviction. Barron’s writing is assured, with emphasis on character and emotion, making it more suitable for lovers of character-based literary fantasy. This is a winner.

The Immortal Serpent

(Bloodstone Dagger #1)

by K.E. Barron

Foul Fantasy Fiction

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Pub date August 14, 2019

ISBN 9781989071205

Price $21.94 (USD) Paperback, $32.54 Hardcover, $8.01 Kindle edition

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